rust removal mcdonough ga

One process of rust removal is known as the abrasive blast. The rust removal mcdonough ga yard cuts no ice in using crushed glass as a means to an end in providing industrialists and manufacturers of an entire range of products and materials with a series of rust-proof solutions. What is also good about this ‘post-consumer’ abrasive blast is that one hundred percent recycled glass is being utilized. Which means of course, that nothing is going to waste either.

Crushed glass is great to use on a wide variety of surfaces all vulnerable to rust. Crushed glass can clean aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel. It can do so without warping, excessive profiling or creating surface damage. Because the abrasive blast is pH neutral, surfaces do not need to be neutralized after blasting. The surfaces produced are also non-toxic and silica free. No trace of heavy or toxic metals are left behind.

Suitable areas of application include those found in the automotive and marine industries, as well as in concrete restoration works. Typical industrial sites where crushed glass will be applied are asphalt plants, refineries, pulp and paper mills as well as offshore drill rigs. Today, biodegradable abrasives are now in use, fully in keeping with industries’ need to reduce its carbon footprints and become more sustainable going forward.

The use of a crushed walnut shell also needs to be taken into account. Within the blasting industry, it already has a number of uses. The crushed walnut shell is being used to remove contaminants from wood, metal, concrete and other stone surfaces. This shell is already biodegradable. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe to use. It is also a cost-effective material that produces minimal dust, and it will not cause silicosis.