When spending time outside we want to have a fun and inviting space that we can call our own.  Building a deck outside our home will allow us to have this experience.  However, creating a deck can be a tedious endeavor as well as trying to come up with the right design, enough space and more.  When focusing on deck design millstone nj take a look at these options and features and see what best suits your style.


The shape of our decks is the first thing you should consider.  Most people will opt for a standard square or rectangle deck.  These are great but if you have the space why not give your deck a little more charm and character.  When deciding on the shape why not do an octagon shape, something more freeform or a tapered triangle.  When we do custom shapes for our decks we give them character as well as unique spaces to build from.


When designing your deck consider where your seating will be.  Are you going to have table and chairs, picnic tables or will you put in some built in seating like benches.  When designing your seating take into consideration the flow of your deck.  You want to look at the edge of the deck closest to an edge overlooking the rest of the yard.  Also, when creating your seating consider bench seating where you can lift the tops up.  This will give you extra storage space and keep the look of your deck clean.


What about a roof?  A roof will help keep the rain out as well as give you shade on those hot summer days.  Another option is to create and enclosed deck.  This way, you can have screens to allow breezes in during the summer and then replace these with glass for winter use. 

deck design millstone nj

Deciding on the design of your deck can take many shapes and evolve over time.  Find the features that best suit your use case and then design the rest behind that.