Tips For Maintaining Your Home

Our houses are living, breathing devices that help keep us safe from the environments and show off our own personal likes, dislikes and style.  Over time our homes will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Before this happens we need to do regular inspections on our homes to ensure there are not any issues.

Roof Inspections

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When looking at our roofs we want to ensure that there are no issues.  Many roofing middle tennessee issues can be caught early and repaired before they become large problems.  Issues such as torn or missing shingles, excess debris on the roof such as limbs and branches as well as signs of wildlife damage can all be dealt with. If these issues are ignored then major roofing repairs may be needed.


The siding of the house is important as well.  If you are in a brink house, make sure that you don’t see cracks, mold, or other imperfections in your brickwork.  If you find something it can be a sign of your foundation settling.  With aluminum siding make sure that none of the slats are lose or blown off, damaged or fading.  Keeping an eye on the siding of your home will also prevent long term damage and repairs.


Look at the foundation of your home.  The foundation should not show cracks, sloping or anything out of the ordinary.  The foundation should look level and clean.  Items such as plants, moss or even signs of wildlife making nests should all be looked at and resolved. 

When doing an inspection of your home you can easily find problem areas, address them quickly and prevent large scale repairs when possible.  It is suggested that you inspect your home at least once a year.  If you have found a problem area make sure to take care of it as quickly as possible.